We are amongst a few organizations in Canada and abroad that 

  • Provides services that are culturally relevant and dedicated to the emerging needs of the Indigenous people
  • Provides services under one umbrella – accounting and finance, training, management and governance, restructuring, negotiations, economic development, technology, communication and marketing
  • Possesses a team of highly experienced professionals including designated accountants, economists, lawyers, MBAs and PhDs
  • Holds strong experience of working with indigenous people/communities including bands, development corporations, not-for-profit organizations, entrepreneurs and other entities
  • Is highly experienced in administering Impact Benefit Agreements (IBAs), negotiating land claim settlements and managing intergovernmental contracts
  • Grips understanding of Canadian Treaty 8 (June 21, 1899), Treaty 11 (between 1921 and 1922) and Section 35 of the Constitution Act 1982