We recognize the importance of accessing various funds by the Indigenous Organizations and entrepreneurs. There are various Grants and Contributions available at the Territorial and Federal Level.

We listen to your needs and direct you to the right program that benefits you to take your organization forward. We acknowledge the capacity issue at the Community level to write or develop a proposal. We assist you in developing your funding proposal.

We also recognize the need for timely and accurate reporting to the various funders. We work with you to ensure you are up to date in your financial reporting with your funders.

The common funders we can pursue funding from include:

  • Crown-Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada (Federal)
  • Indigenous Services Canada (Federal)
  • Heritage Canada (Federal)
  • Canadian Northern Economic Development Agency (Federal)
  • Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (Federal)
  • Municipal and Community Affairs (GNWT)
  • Business Development and Investment Corporation (GNWT)
  • Industry, Tourism and Investment (GNWT)
  • Northwest Territories Housing Corporation (GNWT)
  • Education, Culture and Employment (GNWT)
  • Department of Infrastructure (GNWT)