Strategic Planning is a disciplined approach that helps to streamline the fundamental decisions and actions that give an organisation its identity and help the leaders identify with the Why, What and How of the core operations.

As part of our service offering, we help organisations to identify their:

  • Mission: Why does the organization exist
  • Vision: Where does the organization want to reach (say, in the next 5 years or a decade)
  • Strategy: ‘The Game Plan’ on How to get there (how to achieve the Vision)

We ensure that the recommended strategies are supported by clear:

  • Objectives
  • Measures
  • Targets
  • Initiatives

Our Strategic Planning technique follows a three-phased approach:

  • Assessing: Where you are
  • Determining: Where you want to be
  • Formulating: How to get there

A robust performance and measurement system can be formulated once an organization’s mission, vision and strategies are finalized. The performance measurement system is based on a series of cause-and-effect relationships derived from the strategy.

Dr. Robert Kaplan and Dr. David Norton, the inventor of Balanced Scorecard, claim that well-constructed performance measurement and management system can be used to:

  • Clarify and gain consensus about strategy
  • Communicate the strategy throughout the organization
  • Align departmental and personal goals to the strategy
  • Link strategic objectives to long term targets and annual budgets
  • Identify and align strategic initiatives
  • Perform periodic and systematic strategic reviews
  • Obtain feedback to learn about and improve strategy

We help develop Strategic Planning, Performance Measurement and Performance Management System that are culturally relevant and mindful about safeguarding Indigenous rights to self-determination.