Welcome to Innovative Business Solutions

Innovative Business Solutions Ltd., is a group of veteran professionals, proudly serving as a one-stop service provider for all professional services needs of Canadian and International indigenous organizations and entrepreneurs.

We recognize that indigenous groups, communities and organizations have faced, and continue to face several challenges related to managing their organizations, increasing revenues and optimizing their operational programs to realize efficiencies. At Innovative Business Solutions, we believe that our business model places us in a unique position in Canada and around the world, to provide professional and client-tailored business solutions required to meet the pressing challenges as follows:

Organizational Management

  • Strategic planning
  • Performance measurement and management
  • Human resource management
  • Financial management services
  • Funding assistance and proposal writing
  • Accounting services

Increase of Revenues

  • Revenue growth program
  • Marketing, sales and growth capabilities
  • Marketing strategy

Optimization of Operations

  • Internal business process development
  • Managed IT infrastructure and services
  • Operational efficiency
  • Communication

IBS Collaboration Program

At Innovative Business Solutions, we believe in the power of collaboration and value the relationships we build with our community. To encourage a mutually beneficial partnership, we’ve introduced a collaboration program.

How It Works:

If you have insights into potential commercial opportunities or contracts that align with our services, we invite you to bring them to our attention.

In appreciation of your valuable contribution, we offer a percentage of the total contract value as a token of gratitude.

Indigenous Entrepreneurs

If an indigenous entrepreneur brings business to IBS, they are paid 15% of the total value of the business that they bring.

In addition, we can also give them free business advice.

Non-indigenous Entrepreneurs

If a non-indigenous entrepreneur brings business to IBS, they are paid up to 7.5% of the total value of the business that they bring.

Our Clients

Funding Programs