Biswanath Chakrabarty, President


As a long-term Northerner (since 2001), Biswanath possesses over 26 years of combined national and international experience in working with various SMEs, Indigenous organizations, First Nation Bands, Community Governments, and Territorial Governments. Biswanath has recently been appointed as the Financial and Strategic Advisor for Dene Nation. Biswanath has direct working experience with various departments and agencies of the Government of the Northwest Territories and Nunavut. He served the Nunavut Housing Corporation for three years and participated as a member with the Interdepartmental Capital Planning Committee (ICPC) of the Government of Nunavut. He has served as the Director for Business Development for the Northwest Territories Business Development and Investment Corporation for a few years and worked with various manufacturers and businesses of various communities across the territory.

Biswanath currently serves as the Vice-Chair of the Board of CPA Association of NWT/Nunavut. He also serves as the Chair Person of the Practice Review Committee of the CPA Association of Northwest Territories/Nunavut.

Areas of Expertise:

    • Audits, reviews and compilations
    • Internal control
    • Policies and procedures development
    • Taxation – corporate, personal and GST
    • Financial planning – business plans, projections, feasibility study, recovery and restructuring plans
    • Strategic planning and performance management
    • Program reviews

Tom Beaulieu, Vice President Indigenous Relations

Mr. Beaulieu brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the table. Throughout his career, he was recognized for his leadership skills, dedication, and responsible delivery of services.

He started with the NWT Housing Corporation in 1977 and rose through the ranks, first appointed to the position of Manager for District Operations in 1990, then-District Director for the South Slave District in 1994, then as Vice President in 1997, and finally as President of the NWT Housing Corporation in 2000.

In 2004, Mr. Beaulieu was appointed to the position of CEO and President of the NWT Development Corporation and President of the NWT Business Credit Corporation where his main responsibilities consisted of selling some business ventures of the NWTDC and amalgamating the NWTDC and NWTBCC to create the Business Development and Investment Corporation.

In 2005, Mr. Beaulieu was appointed Associate Deputy Minister of the newly­ formed Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources where he was directly responsible for a staff of over three hundred. He was primed to become Deputy Minister of ENR when he resigned in 2007 to pursue a political career.

In 2007, Mr. Beaulieu was successful in his bid to become the Member of the Legislative Assembly for the riding of Tu Nedhe. In 2011, he was acclaimed as MLA for Tu Nedhe and was elected to the Executive Council where he served as Minister of Health and Social Services, Minister for Seniors, and Minister for Persons with Disabilities. Following a cabinet shuffle in 2013, Mr. Beaulieu served as Minister of Transportation, Minister of Public Works, and Minister of Human Resources where he actively promoted an Affirmative Action Policy.

In 2015, following another successful bid as MLA for TuNedhe-Wiilideh, Mr. Beaulieu was elected Chair of the Priorities and Planning Committee whose main function is the oversight and accountability over the Executive Council.

In 2019, after retiring from politics, Mr. Beaulieu has worked as a consultant with various firms. He has owned and operated Tu Nedhe Consultants Ltd. since April 2020.

Norman Yakeleya, Indigenous Advisor.

Mr. Norman Yakeleya is the former National Chief of the Dene Nation with intrinsic knowledge of the indigenous communities, their way of life, culture, and traditions. He is an experienced politician having held varied Government managerial roles. He has been running his own consulting firm and providing various business consulting services as well as Training and Development of Professional skills, especially among the Indigenous community members.
As one of the Lead directors of NSY Consulting Ltd he is aware of the requirements and the market for Consulting and Training Business.

Ranajit Batabyal, Director Operations

Area of Expertise:

      • Accounting in Sage 50
      • Business Plan Preparation
      • CaseWare Template building
      • Financial data Analysis
      • Budgeting and Variance Analysis
      • Business Process Development and Implementation
      • Team Building and Project Management
      • Corporate Management
      • Manual and Policy writing

Ethan Oatman, Director, Financial Consulting


Areas of Expertise:

      • Audit and assurance engagements of Government, First Nation, Not-for-Profit and Corporate entities
      • Small and medium-sized business accounting
      • Corporate taxation
      • Internal control development
      • Personal taxation and tax planning
      • Financial management and planning

Isaiah Mutandiwa, Director Consulting


Areas of Expertise:

      • Audits and reviews
      • Business process re-engineering
      • Procedures manual development
      • Controllership functions
      • Internal control development
      • System analysis
      • Training

Dr. Deborah Nixon, Senior Management Consultant


Areas of Expertise:

      • Organizational development
      • Business and strategic planning
      • Community consultation
      • Market research
      • Leadership development
      • Change management
      • Performance assessment
      • Project management

Tzintli Chavez Luna, Consulting Manager

PhD in Tourism Studies and MA in Education and Society

Tourism expert and teacher, with almost 15 years of experience in higher education and social research.

Areas of Expertise:

      • Tourism
      •  Higher Education and curriculum design
      • Teaching and training
      • Academic writing, argumentation and proofreading
      • Social and qualitative research

Agamani Chakrabarty, Economist


Areas of Expertise:

      • Statistical data analysis and statistical modelling
      • Research of various proposed investment
      • Enterprise risk modelling
      • Analysis of economic and business data
      • Data integrity analysis
      • Preparation of reports to support the research hypothesis

Meera Basnyat, Financial Advisor


Areas of Expertise:

      • Audits, reviews and compilations
      • Assessment of internal control
      • Taxation – corporate, personal and GST

Luyeye Muyembe, Financial Advisor


Areas of Expertise:

      • Audits and reviews
      • Compilation
      • Taxation – corporate and personal
      • Bookkeeping
      • Field audits

Eric Whitworth, Public Sector Consultant


Areas of Expertise:

      • Program Reviews
      • Compliance Audits
      • Corporate Training
      • Business Process Re-engineering
      • Policies and Procedures Development
      • Controllership Functions
      • Internal Control Development

Stephen Lewis, Strategy Financial Advisor


Areas of Expertise:

      • Audits and reviews
      • Procedure manual development
      • Controllership functions
      • Forensic audits
      • Internal control development
      • Expert in sage 50 and sage 300
      • Training

Kyle Chisholm, Senior Financial Advisor


Areas of Expertise:

      • Audits and reviews
      • Compilation
      • Internal control procedure
      • Bookkeeping and strategy development
      • Taxation – corporate and personal
      • Training

Suman Basnyat, Consultant


Areas of Expertise:

      • Audits, reviews, and compilations
      • Internal control and financial procedures development
      • Taxation – corporate, personal, and GST
      • Financial system setup
      • Training

Conrad Hickey, Consultant


A CPA with over 10 years of management experience working with Not-for-Profit and Municipal Governments.

Areas of Expertise:

      • Public Sector Financial Management
      • Financial Analysis
      • Financial Accounting and Reporting
      • Budgeting
      • Accounting in SAGE 300

SOHAM SRIMANI, Business Advisor


Experienced banking professional and business advisor with a proven track record of asset under management (AUM) growth and exceeding revenue targets YoY. Proficient in wealth management, credit analysis, investment consulting, financial advisory and cross-functional team management.

Areas of Expertise:

  • Work experience of more than eight years across banking, consulting and software verticals.
  • Client advisory
  • Financial services
  • Team Building and Project Management
  • Corporate Management
  • Data analysis
  • Highly experience in strategic, tactical and operational management levels.

Partha Chakraborty, Director IT Infrastructure

Areas of Expertise:

      • IT infrastructure management
      • Vendor management
      • Windows server
      • Network security and firewall
      • IT operations
      • Infrastructure planning and design

Paulami Gupta, Manager Consulting

Areas of Expertise:

      • Professional research and writing (Preparation of business proposals and plans, project report, policy and procedure manuals,etc.)
      • Project execution including Project based research, analysis, co-ordination and liaison
      • Editing of Scientific papers, thesis, conference speeches for language and grammar
      • Office administration, co-ordination and basic accounting
      • Event management, execution, and comprehensive event co-ordination

Ravi Kumar, Junior Business Researcher

Areas of Expertise:

      • To identify sources of funding and lead to development of new funding streams
      • To prepare research proposals
      • To maintain good relationship with indigenous communities
      • To liaison with clients and ensuring that proper coordination of various projects is done timely and accurately, including maintaining good client relationships